Feel rejuvenate and refreshed to take on the week.
(Six weekly facials)


  • 1x Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil
  • 1x Surface Radiance Cleanse or Cream Cleanse
  • 1x Pore Refining Scrub
  • 6x Ultimate Recovery Bio-Cellular Mask
  • 1x C-tetra Cream
  • 2x hot flannels
  • 2x cotton rounds
  • 2x facial cloths
  • 1x bowl of warm water
  1. First things first, relaxing music
  2. Massage the Lipid Cleansing Oil into your Face, neck and chest. Be sure to gently massage the eyes and eyelashes to remove makeup and dirt debris
  3. Dip two cotton rounds into your bowl of warm water and wipe your eyes gently
  4. Apply the selected cleanser to the Lipid Cleansing Oil, massaging the cleanser into the face, neck and chest
  5. Remove with a wet facial cloth
  6. Complete a second cleanse
  7. Use a hot towel to gently remove the second cleanse from the face, neck and chest
  8. Apply a five-cent piece of Pore Refining Scrub to your face, neck and chest. Use light circular movement to massage the scrub into your skin
  9. Use a second hot towel to remove scrub
  10. Apply the Ultimate Recovery Bio-cellular Mask to the face for twenty minutes. Use this time wisely making sure you dedicate it to all things self-care (NO CHORES)
  11. Remove mask, massaging the residue into the skin
  12. Apply selected moisturiser to the skin
  13. Repeat weekly