The perfect way to rejuvenate and refresh your look without the risk, downtime and cost of going under the knife. Using safe, biodegradable threads, this procedure is non-invasive with minimal down time - performed by our highly trained cosmetic physician. Lasting 4 times longer than hyaluronic acid, threading effects can last anywhere from 12-24 months depending on the individual and thread selected. We offer a range of thread lift treatments, from full face lifts to specialty areas such as eyes, neck, cheek, nose, temples as well as full face and eye collagen stimulation. 

A consultation with our cosmetic physician must be completed before booking in for this procedure. 

Thread Lift Price

Neck Lift $700-$1200

Cheek Lift $700-$1200

Temple Lift $700-$1200 

Total Face Lift  $2100-$3400

Thread Collagen Stimulation Price

Full Face $700

Full Face and Eyes $900 



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The Bridge Clinic, Skin and Cosmetic Medicine is a doctor owned and operated clinic in the heart of Mandurah, where services go more than skin deep.

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